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LIVE With Sloane Ketcham

Thursday / April 12 / 10:30 AM HT / 1:30 AM PT
Business Development & Marketing Manager for Pacific One Mortgage.  She is also the creator of the Marketing Masterclass™, Podcast Host of She Speaks Life™, author, professional speaker, personal development coach. She specializes in helping entrepreneurs implement online strategies that lead to increased revenue and worldwide brand awareness. Sloane's been an entrepreneur for over a decade in various industries. She's consulted sales teams of thousands, to the solo entrepreneur just getting started. But her most important role is wife and mom. She's a cat lover, ocean enthusiast, and fashion aficionado & you can always find her hanging out at!

Presented by John Murphy


Mortgage Advisor and Originator, owner of Pacific One Mortgage which is powered by Bay Equity NW. John offers creative and strategic approaches to mortgage loans. He's a small business owner and an entrepreneur. John's passion is to help Real Estate Agents explore fun and creative ways to increase their businesses. John's a husband, dad, and awesome brother! You can find him via his cell 206-499-5626 or

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"How to stand, sell more, and become the GO TO EXPERT on social media in less than 5 mins a day!"
"Why no one is seeing your Facebook posts & how to change that IMMEDIATELY!"

"How to create an endless flow of Facebook followers!"

** Plus - Get a FREE Social Media Makeover Cheat Sheet Just For Registering For The Webinar Today!
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